Collection: Heated Gloves

Do you always suffer from cold hands? Then Gløde's electrically heated gloves might be something for you. Gløde gloves are water and windproof, making them ideal for outdoor sports and activities such as outdoor photography. With a temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius, these gloves provide a wonderfully warm sensation.

Heated Gloves - A Wide Choice

At Gløde we have a wide range of electrically heated gloves, so there is always a pair that suits your needs. Whether you're looking for affordable heated gloves for the winter months, for cycling, winter sports or working outdoors, we have them all available.

How Do Heated Gloves Work?

Gløde's heated electric gloves offer three different temperature settings, so you can always choose the right heat. In addition, they are water and windproof and equipped with two rechargeable batteries. With the separate charger you can easily recharge the batteries. These gloves are perfect for winter sports and other outdoor sports. They are comfortable, easy to wear and can even be washed after removing the batteries.

Suitable for Various Occasions

Our gloves are not only comfortable and easy to wear, but also water and windproof thanks to the use of breathable fabrics. They are especially suitable for outdoor sports such as skiing, cross-country skiing and running. Whether for family, friends, employees or activities such as motorcycle riding, hiking, camping and fishing, these heated gloves are the perfect choice to protect you from the cold autumn, winter and spring winds. They are also ideal for cold indoor spaces where the heating is not on, or when working in a cold attic or garage.

USB Heated Gloves

Our gloves are individually heated with a small compact power bank per glove. The power banks can be easily charged via USB.

Heated Gloves for On the Scooter

Our gloves are ideal for use on the scooter. When it is cold outside, put on the gloves and you will no longer be bothered by the cold while riding your scooter.

Gloves with heating for cycling

You can also use the heated gloves from Gløde while cycling. This way your hands always stay warm, even during cold rides.

Thin Gloves with Heating

Within our Gløde range we have different types of gloves with heating. We offer thicker gloves for activities such as skiing and other outdoor sports, as well as thinner gloves with heating for activities that require your hands, such as photography or horse riding.

Heated Gloves for Women and Men

Our entire range of gloves is suitable for both men and women. Are you curious about which size to order? Please refer to the size chart in the product description.

The Best Heated Gloves

At Gløde we are convinced that we offer the best heated electric gloves. Our customers agree, given that our gloves score an average of 4.9.

Choose Warmth and Comfort with Gløde

If you always suffer from cold hands, Gløde's electrically heated gloves are the perfect solution. With their waterproof, windproof and heated properties, these gloves provide warmth and comfort during various activities. Whether you're on a scooter, cycling or working outdoors, Gløde has the right gloves for you. Choose warmth and comfort with Gløde!

Our heated gloves receive an average of 4.9 from our customers